Lucky Me Doggie Daycare Rates


Doggie Daycare Play Groups Monday - Friday 6am-6pm

Daily Full Day.....$20

Daily Half Day (4 hours or less).....$15

10 Visit Punch Card.....$160

Multi-Day/Multi-Dog Punch Card.....$12-$14 a day when purchased in 10 or 20 visits



Sleepover/Kennel-free Boarding rates are based on length of stay as well as time of drop off and pick up.

The daily average rate is between $19 and $24 per day.

Doggie Daycare Play Groups, play time, fun time, cuddle time, toys, etc. are ALWAYS included. There are never any extra charges.

Discounts are given for families with more than one dog. Each dog after the first is 50% off the first dog's rate. We are always happy to enter your sleepover request dates for you anytime you inquire regarding sleepover pricing. We do not utilize a 24 hour billing cycle, so you are only paying for the time your pup is actually here with us.


Notes Regarding Hours, Times & More


Doggie Daycare Play Group hours are Monday - Friday 6am-6pm


Sleepover pick up and drop off times are set at the time of reservation and can be

anytime during Doggie Daycare Hours and Sundays.

NO Drop offs or Pick ups will be scheduled on Saturdays or major holidays.