Who We Are:

"Wait! Did I just get a text of a picture of my dog swimming?? I didn't know she could swim! Thank you, Patti and Lucky Me, for giving my girl an amazing experience. I wish I could keep her there EVERY day while I'm at work!"

Marjorie DeStona, Monroe's Mom

"Content and Fulfilled is the best way I can describe her demeanor after picking her up from Lucky Me. We both just look at each other at the end of the day on the ride home, fulfilled and happy. We both know we had an awesome day."


Sherry Lighton, Chara's Mom

Doggie Day Care:


   We believe every dog deserves a home away from home and every dog deserves a fun place to come and play for the day while mom and dad are at work. We are more than just a kennel or boarding facility and have been Ocala's only kennel free, open play doggie daycare for the past 9 years. We believe in the whole dog experience and what makes them happy and content. It's more than just a comfy place to sleep. At Lucky Me Doggie Daycare we provide a safe and fun place to play and socialize with other dogs. As you would think of a daycare for children, we are very much the same...but for our furry kids. Friendships are formed. Boundaries are learned. Bonds are made. Excess energy is expended.

   Lucky Me Doggie Daycare playgroups are carefully planned. Each dog receives an evaluation before coming to play or for a sleepover. Play groups allow your pup to come for the day to play with their friends instead of being home alone. For most dogs, even one day a week results in a more content and peaceful pup. Of course, most dogs are welcome as many days as you would like them to come play. It is fully supervised and consists of inside and outside play time.



Doggie Sleepovers:

   Sleepovers at Lucky Me Doggie Daycare truly feel like your dog is staying at their home away from home. They play in Lucky Me Doggie Daycare playgroups during the day and at night snuggle up with a buddy and sleep the night away. Our #1 goal is to make your dog feel comfortable while here. We want them to go home happy and to look forward to coming back again. We do not leave dogs alone at night. There is always someone on site during their sleepover. We do not use kennels or runs, but you are always welcome to bring your dog's kennel if that is what they are used to.

   We believe in honest, open communication. Your dog cannot speak for himself. If there is an issue such as a little bit of anxiety, or not wanting to eat, we have no problem talking with you about it, no matter what it is. We are a close, extended Doggie Family of around 200 pups now and we have always benefited from honest, open relationships.


   Give us a call today. Let's talk about your pup!

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We have been customers for 9 years and Patti has always treated our dog, Russ, as if he were one of her own. Her sincere love of dogs is apparent and she offers the most trustworth loving care for your pup. We have never gone anywhere else in 9 years and our puppy "child" loves her to pieces. Dependable, flexible and trustworthy. Highly recommend!

Ashley, Russ's mom


“Had a spur of the moment business trip, and called Patti to see if she could keep Ranger. With 24 hour notice, Ranger had a place to stay with all his friends, and Patti kept me posted of his shenanigans via text. I can't speak highly enough of Lucky Me Doggie Daycare"  ​

Mike Singleton, Ranger's Dad